CODE RED: Cuomo's Defense of "I Do This To Everyone" Should Land Governor Creeper in a Jail Cell

Governor Creeper has offered the winning “ I do this with everyone” defense in response to a damning and detailed report by the New York Attorney General that could have used an executive summary of:


Governor Cuomo is a serial creeper.

Cuomo was lauded for his leadership and rhetorical skills last year. Much like President Obama was handed a Nobel for breathing, Cuomo was handed an Emmy for talking, notwithstanding talking was out of both sides of his pie-hole and lying about nursing home deaths. He was instrumental in the deaths of thousands and blamed everyone, but himself.

Now he’s blaming the women who have come forward, claiming they must have misunderstood his intentions. “Hey, look, I creep on all the women, whatsa matter wit’ ya? I’m Italian…I’m a handsy governor wit’ a pair of handsome lips – don’t cha want some of my lovin’, honey”?

If impeachment means, anything, Cuomo needs to get the boot, and quickly.


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