Jacovid Witnesses

Biden wants to federalize everything from policing to voting – now Biden wants to send forth an army of white shirts to proselytize. Unvaccinated? An army of JaCovid Witnesses is coming, for you.

HHS secretary Becerra made the pitch that it’s the business of the feds to preach to you. Get vaccinated or else. They know where you live. Jen Psaki has been a dutiful puppy and insists that the “remaining Americans” who are unvaccinated will get a  visit. Papers, please.

I won’t get a visit from the JaCovid Witnesses. I’m vaccinated. I’m on the good boy list. My choice. I did it for my parents and my wife’s parents. I know several people who aren’t vaccinated. Their choice. Some have had Covid already. They are young, healthy adults, and based on the data they are of little to no risk to themselves or anyone else. Hundreds of professional and college athletes have contracted Covid. I don’t know of even a single case of hospitalization let alone a death. It would have been national news, but a healthy young adult dying of Covid is about as likely as a getting dead by a bee sting.

Covid is and remains dangerous, for particular subsets. Old and unhealthy, or just unhealthy? Get the vaccine. Young and healthy? Maybe not. “But you’ll kill grandma!” Probably not, if she’s vaccinated. And wasn’t that the point of vaccination and turning America into a ghost town for several months, to protect the vulnerable? Vaccinate the vulnerable and we get our lives back. It worked in Florida. Flatten the curve morphed into flatten your world.

I have friends who bought into the Covid Cult, Hook, Line, and Fauci. They’re true believers. They don’t want to hear data or facts, they mainline myth and malarkey. If asked they would gladly throw on a white shirt and a mask and go forth in search of converts.


Ding, Dong.

“Hi, little boy! We’re JaCovid Witnesses and we want to share good news. Are you vaccinated? You should be vaccinated. We want you to be vaccinated. We want to save you. Can we poke you now?”