CODE RED COMICS: The Biden Brain Freeze

A brain freeze is a momentary all-consuming headache caused by ice cream hitting the roof of the mouth. Medically known as Sphenopalatine ganglion neuralgia its blood being constricted. You can’t think.

President Biden has redefined brain freeze. It’s the Biden Freeze. His usually occur when a reporter asks a question beyond “one scoop or two?”  A question involving his job can cause the Biden freeze and it happened, again, this weekend in Michigan.

President Biden was asked a question about cyber hacking. Joe put his head down and looked like a robot going into low power mode. He finally rebooted and pulled himself out of the freeze and pulled out his staff-prepared notes.

Later, President Biden took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves, and got down to the important work. Ice Cream.

“One scoop or two Mr. President?”

Joe got two scoops. We know that because CBS News dutifully reported it.

“President Joe Biden ended his trip to Michigan with a trip to a local ice cream spot. He ordered vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips in a waffle cone – and made sure to get two scoops.”

What happens when the watchdog becomes a lapdog? See above.