CODE RED COMICS: Kammy's Custom Dodger Jersey

Kamala Harris dropped out as a candidate for president before she could get humiliated in her home state of California, and exited with 0% of the vote.

Universally considered an utter failure as a candidate, roasted on the debate stage by Tulsi Gabbard, tossed into the trash bin by voters, she was, nonetheless, picked by Joe Biden as his Veep. Why? Biden wanted a woman, and a woman of color.


Picked only because of her gender and melanin, is it really any wonder that she’s turned out to be a zero as Veep?

Harris has stepped on more rakes in 5 months than a blind man in a rake factory. In a word, she’s inept. Now, word is out that her staff hates her. I’m not sure if it’s the cackle-laugh (that would be enough for me), being inept at literally everything, or that Harris realizes she is bad at this job. The word is out. She’s awful but just a single 25th Amendment vote away from running the show.

She got a custom jersey when the Dodgers visited the White House. Joe invited Kams to the White House so she could get her Dodger jersey, complete with her name and number on it…

God help us.


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