CODE RED COMICS: Drink the Joe-Kool Aid, Dummies!

Celebrate Independence Day with 16 extra cents America! Bonchie covered this absurdly tone-deaf tweet/claim by the White House. What marketing genius green-lit this debacle? Someone on Biden’s staff decided that telling America: “President Biden saved you 16 cents!” was something to celebrate. Look, here’s the deal, man – I can see Joe thinking it was a great idea; he wakes up thinking he’s still at the community pool. He still has hair on his head and his legs and kid are stroking his legs. Back then, Joe could buy lunch and “soda pop” with 16 cents. But come on Man! 16 cents?  It’s not only dumb it’s also a four Pinocchio whopper.


The consumer price index shows this claim to be a lie.  My own eyes confirm I this morning. Every time my wife shops she mentions the increase, in everything. And let’s not forget the cost to get to the grocery store. Gas prices have gone up like a bottle rocket. In California, the tax on a gallon of gas just went up as well. Thanks, Joe and Kammy – you guys are doing great!

Sorry to break the bad news to you, shoppers, you aren’t saving 16 cents. Everything costs more. But facts haven’t stopped Biden/Harris cult members from looking at everything uttered by this administration with doe eyes followed by a song from the Biden hymnal.

“We saved you 16 cents!” is something to be mocked mercilessly, but not for the true believers. We believe in you, Joe! Kammy, you go girl!

“America, celebrate the 4th. Here, have some Kammy Cookies and some Joe-Kool-Aid. The Kool-Aid is going to cost you trillions, but you saved 16 cents on your BBQ. I feel all warm inside.



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