CODE RED COMICS: "Don't Hit Me Here, Vlad!"

Hey, did anyone see Biden’s presser after he met with Putin? Yeah, everyone did, and that’s the point. The whole world watched as Joe bumbled through another one. He’s in a fog. He forgets names and struggles to put two sentences together. He wagged his finger at a reporter like “Joey the retired iron worker” would if the neighbor’s Shih-Tzu was pooping on his grass. Get off my lawn!


Look, here’s the deal. Come on, Man. Joe has a list, vetted by staff, and that list contains names of reporters Joe is allowed to call on. Joe also had a list of infrastructure sites Vlad isn’t allowed to hit. He gave that list to Putin. I imagine that scared Putin down to his Fabergé eggs.

KGB thugs are terrified of lists. Imagine a UFC fight where one guy hands the other guy a list of “don’t hit me here.” Yeah. But, come on man, here’s the deal, ok… Wait. Where was I? Oh yeah, lists. What if Joe had accidentally switched lists? Would Hunter have been on the list of “don’t hit me here,” when he started to read it like Ron Burgundy? COME ON MAN!


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