Don't Get Angry About Mean Insult Comics If You Helped Put One in the Oval Office

The White House Correspondents Dinner is what happens when people’s intellect and emotional maturity never make it out of high school. I’ve always thought it was a stupid event and one that blurs the already too blurry line between reporting the news about the nation’s chief executive and entertaining a room full of wine-soaked douchebags.


Events like this demean the office of the President and celebrate the ignorance and one-sidedness of the press. Not attending these dinners is one of the good moves that Trump has made as President. I suspect he made that move mostly to avoid celebrating the biased media. If he was ever concerned about the dignity of the office, he never would have run for it, at least not in the manner that he did.

I’m someone who enjoys good standup comedy, which is probably why I had never heard of Ms. Wolf before this morning. My first reactions to the video clips of her were to wonder when Carrot Top came out as transgendered, then I remembered that even Carrot Top is funny some of the time.

The facile humor that apparently entertains Washington journalists deserves to be criticized and ridiculed but the right to do so with any credibility is another thing that many of Trump’s most devout discarded like leftover parts of a wobbly Ikea bookcase. Still, the talking heads on the Fox Trump Propaganda News Channel were rending their garments this morning in response to Michelle Wolf’s ugly yet entirely predictable and boring performance.


This has been the modus operandi of the die-hard Trumpers since he first began his campaign. They cheer every mean-spirited, insulting, or untrue thing that comes out of his mouth but let anyone come back with anything similar about him (or them), they react like college kids whose therapy puppies and cry room have been taken away because Republicans cut the budget.

Wolf’s comments to Sarah Huckabee Sanders were definitely more hostile than humorous. This should not induce “oh woe is she” responses from people on the right. Sanders signed on to be the mouthpiece for a guy who unfairly mocked people’s appearances, disabilities, and genders all the way to the Republican nomination. She’s a big girl and knew what she was doing and I’m sure she also knows that the left has a hard time distinguishing between funny and mean.

On his way to the White House, Trump mocked women, Hispanics, the disabled, and anyone who publicly chose not to support him unconditionally. Granted he did so without the skill of a practiced comedian so his digs were juvenile and repetitive, mostly consisting of calling people stupid, calling them losers, or mocking the fact that they aren’t as rich as he is.


That’s probably another reason why Trump forgoes the Correspondents’ dinners: ego. He says he’s a counter puncher and this causes him to hit back when anyone roasts him. He probably knows his ham-fists are no match for even the worst comedian’s knife, however dull it might be. Therefore much like Barack Obama, he jets off to speak to a friendly crowd of supporters instead.

Many of those supporters are undoubtedly perturbed by Michelle Wolf’s attempt at comedy but fail to recognize the cognitive dissonance inherent in those feelings. You can’t complain about the level of discourse if you actively helped lower it yourself.


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