On Fox & Friends Trump Takes Aim At Sen. Tester, Decries Electoral College, Rehashes Entire Presidency

President Trump called in to Fox & Friends this morning and did a rambling monologue while Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade sat awkwardly, waiting for the rare opportunities to get a word in to steer Trump toward relevant topics and away from topics like how the electoral college is set up to help Democrats win (making his victory all the more monumental, of course).


But Lincoln didn’t say “He pinballs around an interview like a squirrel who just ate half a pound of chocolate covered espresso beans then got trapped in an attic.”

Listening to this interview with Trump was like watching a Roomba vacuum a cluttered room.

One of the timely subjects Trump talked about was Admiral Ronny Jackson withdrawing himself from consideration to head up the VA. Trump aimed his anger at Senator John Tester (D-MT) for derailing Jackson with unfounded accusations.

They also asked Trump if obstructionists win when nominees don’t fight back against the allegations against them, and he said yes and no, signaling out Sen. Jon Tester, (D – MT) saying that it was his fault that Jackson dropped out of the nomination process.

Pointing out that he won Montana by 20 points, Trump not so subtly suggested that his supporters punish Tester.

Much of the interview was a self compiled Trump’s Greatest Hits album with tracks like “No Collusion,” “Fake News,” and “Leakin’ Lyin’ Comey.”

At one point during an extended complaint about the DOJ, the hosts reminded Trump that he’s the president.


Trump also attempted to distance himself from Michael Cohen. Whether he was successful seems in doubt.

At one point while Trump was reprising his fake news litany, he complained that Fox doesn’t always treat him well but said the network of Sean Hannity is tough but at least fair. Seriously. He said that.



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