Roku Won't Surrender to the Leftist Boycott-Monkeys, Keeps NRA TV

Roku heard the calls of the fanatical anti-second amendment left demanding that the streaming television service drop NRA TV and politely said no.

Roku, a closely held company, said NRA TV is complying with its content policies. Roku says it doesn’t censor or curate channels based on their content if they are operating lawfully otherwise.

“We do not and have not ever had a commercial relationship with the NRA,” wrote Roku spokeswoman Tricia Misfud in an email. “We too want to see an end to these terrible tragedies.”

NRA TV, which describes itself as a “comprehensive” news source on Second Amendment issues, is free to Roku users and doesn’t carry any ads. Roku, which was founded in 2002, allows users to watch streaming services such as Netflix (NFLX) on their TVs. It makes most of its money selling its digital media player and sells advertisements on other channels.


The extreme left has been working hard to “Alinsky Rule 13” the NRA since the Parkland school shooting. That includes a campaign of intimidation against streaming services that carry NRA TV.

Activists have also targeted Apple (AAPL), Alphabet’s YouTube (GOOG) and Amazon (AMZN), which also operate streaming services. Several Twitter (TWTR) users said they would drop their Apple TV and Amazon Prime Streaming services if the companies don’t meet their demands. The hashtag #DumpNRA TV is trending on Twitter. Spokespeople for Apple, YouTube and Amazon didn’t respond to a request for comment.

David Brock’s left wing propaganda factory Media Matters for America is an active participant in the intimidation campaign. This should surprise no one since MMFA’s raison d’être is silencing speech that doesn’t promote a far left progressive agenda. The current campaign has MMFA’s Angelo Curasone dueling the NRA’s Dana Loesch.

Dana Loesch, a spokeswoman for the NRA, accused critics of the gun rights group of being hypocritical, saying the organization has always “been the biggest defender of free speech.”

“I find it interesting that those individuals who simultaneously preach about free speech want to silence the speech of the millions of people who make up NRA membership,” she wrote on Twitter.

But Carusone rejected Loesch’s argument. “You don’t have a rational debate with somebody when the implication is that if you push back too hard, they will shoot you,” he said. He has organized advertiser boycotts of conservative Fox News broadcasters Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity but isn’t behind the effort against NRA TV.


Take a look at that statement for a second. “You don’t have a rational debate with somebody when the implication is that if you push back too hard, they will shoot you.” This is textbook leftist projection. Leftists support violent groups like Antifa attempting to silence conservative speakers by destroying or threatening to destroy public and private property, but they’ll falsely accuse groups like the NRA of threatening to shoot people for disagreeing with them. No thinking adult can take seriously someone who makes such a claim. If you take that sort of MMFA garbage seriously, then you are not a thinking adult. It is as simple as that.

Roku deserves credit for not bowing to the extremist mob’s demand. They join FedEx in acting rationally despite being inundated with demands from the hysterical howler monkeys.



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