Someone Gave Donald Jr. an Obama Cookie as a Gag Gift and the Media is Offended

Even as someone who thinks Trump Jr. is a doofus, I think the media response to a silly Instagram post is way overblown as are most things Trump. Of course, this tomfoolery involves part of their pantheon of liberal deities so some outlets really got offended.


The Independent was blowing lots of dog whistles.

Donald Trump Jr has mocked Barack Obama by posting a photo of him and Ted Cruz posing with a gigantic cookie featuring a distorted image of the former US president.

Oh no. Not “mocked.” How dare he do anything but kneel before an image of the Lightbringer? It’s not really a distorted image either, it’s actually a pretty good rendition of the left wing religious icon created by Shepard Fairey, considering someone drew it with icing on a giant cookie.

President Donald Trump’s eldest son said the massive brown coloured biscuit was an early birthday present and his special day would be incomplete without such a baked good.

“Brown colored.” Someone specifically ordered a brown colored cookie from the diverse spectrum of available colors for chocolate chip cookies. Because racism, obviously.


The younger Trump, who is an executive of the Trump administration, referred to the former president in the caption of the post, including Obama as one of the hashtags. The image shows Trump Jr pulling a funny face and doing a fake smile for the camera and Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz looking rather unimpressed and almost grimacing.

The funny thing is that the article seems to imply that the cookie was created as intentional mockery when you can be pretty sure that it is stock design honoring the former president. Time Magazine’s headline also said Trump Jr. “mocked” Obama with a giant cookie, as did Newsweek’s and multiple other blogs.

Lighten up, people. Someone erected a giant inflatable chicken with Trump hair right next to the White House a while back. I didn’t see anyone in the media clutching their pearls over that.

Making fun of Obama apparently remains the unforgivable sin in left-wing circles.



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