Trump Takes a Page out of Moore's Playbook, Claims Not to Know His Accusers

We’ve watched Roy Moore’s story evolve from yes, I knew and possibly dated some of these women when they were teenagers, to I don’t know any of these women who are probably being paid by Democrats, drug dealers, and establishment Republicans who are afraid of me coming to Washington and talking about God.


Now it seems President Trump’s response to allegations is undergoing a similar metamorphosis.

Many have noted Moore’s shift to alternative facts since we first posted on it here at RedState. During his EXCLUSIVE interview with Sean Hannity, Moore wasn’t very emphatic in his denials and even suggested that he may have dated some of his accusers but no longer remembers. After a commercial break (and some coaching I would guess) he came out a little stronger but still didn’t come across as convincing. Now his story on the campaign trail is that he never heard of any of the women accusing him.

This morning, in response to increasing pressure put on him by similar allegations, President Trump lashed out with a very Roy Moore-esque exclamation.

…so now they are moving on to the false accusations and fabricated stories of women who I don’t know and/or have never met.


Some of the women who have made allegations against Trump were contestants on The Apprentice or in one of the beauty pageants he ran. Saying he doesn’t know or has never met any of his accusers seems a bit of a stretch.

During the campaign, Trump famously promised to deliver absolute truth disproving all of his accusers. Like a lot of things Trump promises to deliver very soon, it never materialized. It did buy him some time so the media could seize upon something new to attack him with though, which was likely the primary intent of the promise. (He also promised to sue every accuser after the election but, to my knowledge, he hasn’t done so yet.)

We’ve seen enough from Trump to know that, like his big mouth, his tiny thumbs tapping out tweets often get ahead of his brain. A certain amount of imprecision or outright BS is expected. The same might be said of Roy Moore whose knowledge and understanding of the Constitution doesn’t always seem to measure up to his self-proclaimed devotion to it.

It has always been my experience that people who will lie about small things are likely to lie about the big things as well. Why would someone falsely accused of sexual misconduct tell easily disproven lies to defend himself?


One reason is that they can. They can because people let them. For many, the more marketable lie is better than the truth if it helps bring about the desired political result. The ends justify the means.

We’ve gotten to the point where politics are so polarized that defending one’s candidate or party is far more important than concerning oneself with what is actually true. Every politically expedient defense of dishonest politicians grants them a license to lie with impunity even to their staunchest defenders.


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