Country Who 'Hacked Our Election" Used Video Game Images to Prove U.S. Is Cooperating with ISIS

Lately Russia has been characterized as a country of devious masterminds who “hacked” our presidential election, swayed public opinion with bad Facebook memes, and who have orchestrated Donald Trump’s election victory so he can be their puppet in the White House. Now Russia has used it’s elite cyberwar expertise to accuse the United States of colluding with ISIS. The thing is, they used screencaps from a mobile phone game as their “proof.”


“This is the irrefutable evidence that there is no struggle against terrorism as the whole global community believes. The US are actually covering the ISIS combat units to recover their combat capabilities, redeploy, and use them to promote the American interests in the Middle East,” it wrote in the English version of the tweet posted in both English and Russian, as captured on

I guess when so much of your international intrigue budget is devoted to setting up lunches with Donald Trump, Jr. you can’t really expect to produce great results across the board.

Twitter users quickly noticed one of the images used as evidence came from another source — a YouTube video of gameplay from the mobile phone video game “AC-130 Gunship Simulator.”

In that image, the Ministry of Defense did not cut out all of the text from the trailer, which clarified: “Development footage. This is a work in progress. All content is subject to change. The image clearly contains a piece of the words “All content.”

Another image appears to be taken from an old Iraqi Ministry of Defense video.


The tweet has already been deleted and presumably whomever posted it has been sent to Siberia.


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