OMG - Watch This Leftist Politician Completely Lose Her Mind Over a Speeding Ticket


County Legislator Jennifer Schwartz Berky, a Democrat who reportedly favors the agenda of the quasi-Marxist Working Families Party, got pulled over for speeding a few months ago and had a complete meltdown. The police dashcam video of the incident was suppressed by Berky’s lawyers for a while but has now been released.

When you watch it, you’ll understand why they sought to keep it from the public. It’s like a deleted scene from Reno: 911. 

That version of the video is edited for time, the full version is available online though.

Naturally, Berky was driving a Prius.

The tape shows Short approaching Berky’s Prius in the Aldi’s parking lot after following her for about a quarter-mile from the intersection of Ulster Avenue and Morton Boulevard onto Route 9W. On audio she is heard asking the officer why she was being stopped. He tells her it’s for speeding, 43 miles per hour in 30-miles-per-hour zone.

Berky told him she never speeds and was driving with traffic. She said she was headed home to feed her young son and had a job interview in downtown Kingston. Sounding increasingly agitated, she said she could not afford a traffic ticket as it will increase her cost of insurance. She says she was “broke.”

Short went back to his patrol car to write a ticket. Berky stepped out of her car, apparently gasping for air and bent over double. Short returned and inquired about her health. She said she was having “a panic attack.” Short asked whether she wanted medical assistance. She did not reply, but seemed to be breathing better.


At one point, she blurts out something about having PTSD and reminds the officer several times that she is a county legislator.

In true leftist fashion, Berky tried to spin her complete disregard for the standards of normal human behavior as a Republican conspiracy against her.

At about halfway through the 26-minute incident, Ulster officer Kevin Woltman appeared to inquire as to Short’s status. The officers chatted briefly and he leaves. Woltman is the nephew of Brian Woltman, Berky’s Republican opponent in the November 7 election.

As Short issued her the speeding ticket, Berky was heard to say, “I don’t trust you. I don’t feel safe here. Tell me what my rights are. I didn’t understand.”

“I’ve explained everything to you,” Short replied, his voice reflecting exasperation. “I’m not going to argue with you any longer.”

Berky, in private, has claimed she was harassed by the officer, but has not filed a formal complaint. He lawyers did not raise that issue.

Her attorneys did cite cited unspecified “politics” by the 4-1 Republican town board against Berky, a Democrat.

Rocco Secreto, the board’s lone Democrat, voted with majority Republicans Tuesday night. “Politics had nothing to do with it,” he said.


The poor cop tries to bend over backward to give her a break but she manages to screw that up with her sanctimoniously entitled whining.

This lady seems to have all the qualifications to be chair of the DNC.


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