Politics of Crazy: State Senate Race in Seattle Appears to be Between Donald Trump and Antifa

Judging from the ads, a State Senate race in Washington is pitting a knuckle-dragging Trump toady against a covert Antifa operative and socialist.

The race between Democrat Manka Dhingra and Republican Jinyoung Lee Englund in Seattle will likely determine which party will control the Washington State Senate, so things are getting silly. It’s not a race of any real national importance but it is an interesting example of how the politics of crazy have permeated virtually every level of government.


Republicans reportedly dropped $200k squeezing every stereotype of leftists into this ridiculous video ad. It looks like it’s supposed to be funny but like most Republican attempts at humor, it’s as cringe-worthy as any Mike Huckabee one-liner.

One part of the video depicts a young woman wearing a Dhingra shirt standing in front of the Vladimir Lenin statue in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. The woman is also wearing a black bandanna around her neck, a Kshama Sawant button, and another button that says “Raise taxes!” Sawant, a socialist, not a Democrat, probably has as much in common with Dhingra on policy as she does with Seattle Mayor Tim Burgess; and members of Antifa would never support a Democrat, let alone a county deputy prosecutor.

Dhingra’s policy positions are not extremely left: she’s pro-choice, but against safe-use consumption sites; she believes in climate change; she is against a state income tax, and wants to lower car tab fees after the ST3 tax hike.

The Democrats are using similarly weak scare tactics in support of Dhingra. They’re making the race all about Trump because Englund, who is married to an active duty U.S. Marine, said that she respects Trump as commander in chief. Apparently, Englund didn’t even vote for Trump.

Englund has been painted with a broad political brush, too. Last spring, she told KIRO radio host Dori Monson that she supports President Donald Trump, but only because her husband is a U.S. Marine and Trump is commander-in-chief. She has said that she didn’t vote for Trump.

A committee supporting Dhingra, Eastside Leadership Council, used the Monson interview in a video, but took took her comments out of context. Here’s what Dhingra told Monson:

“Well, [Trump] is our president. And I don’t know if a lot of people know, but my husband, he’s an active duty Marine. And President Trump is his commander in chief. And I was always taught, you know, you respect your elders, and you respect the people who are in leadership. And I really respect the way that President Trump and his administration … they’re for a strong military, and they’re also for military families.”

In the Eastside Leadership Council video, it appears that Englund simply states that she respects Trump:


The battle between Democrats and Republicans has taken on all the intellectual substance as dueling marketing campaigns between Coke and Pepsi.


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