We Don't Need More Gun Control, We Need Politician Control

It has become a cliche. Whenever a horrific crime is committed, you can count on far left progressives to find the nearest microphone and/or television camera and demand gun control legislation which would have done absolutely nothing to prevent the crime they are politically exploiting. While mocking those who offer prayers for victims, people like Senators Richard Blumenthal or Chris Murphy offer legislative proposals that are as ineffective as the godless left considers prayer.


In a way, gun control is the left’s form of prayer because government is their deity, and their deity always demands sacrifice. Freedom, common sense, logic, reason‚ÄĒall are victims on the left wing altar. They believe if they offer enough sacrifices to their government god, it will reward them with a Utopian society where no one ever gets sick, loses a job, or commits an atrocity.

Like any cult, its adherents have varying levels of devotion. Some establish the dogma, some defend it, some evangelize, others just do what they’re told, and not everyone is necessarily aware of all the tenets of the belief system.

I believe most politicians are arrogant to a degree‚ÄĒin Washington, the meek inherit only a boot on the neck, just like those of us they rule over. For the progressive left arrogance is unavoidable¬†because in worshipping government they are in effect worshipping themselves. Many of them believe that simply by being elected to Congress or the Senate they are magically endowed with the power to do the impossible. ¬†The Blumenthals and Murphys are spitting venom at the Republican majority in Congress today because they believe that the GOP is the only obstacle preventing them from crafting laws that will magically prevent the unpreventable from happening again.

The arrogance of the progressive left is so powerful that it blinds them to the obvious fact¬†that when it comes to guns, they have no idea what they are even talking about. They’re desire alone to stop anyone from ever being shot in a mass shooting again is sufficient to make it a reality. It doesn’t matter whether they even understand the issue they’re demagoguing. They talk about the second amendment as if its intent was to protect hunting and target shooting sports. They invent arbitrary definitions to demonize some guns based on nothing more than cosmetic characteristics. They are the quintessential example of the old saw, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”


The progressive left believes that if they just revoke enough freedoms from people who obey the law, criminals and terrorists will stop doing evil things. It makes no sense logically, but remember, logic is just another of their sacrificial lambs.

People on the right who support the natural right to keep and bear arms are often mocked by the progressive foot soldiers who use carefully crafted buzz phrases like “common sense gun control” or “gun safety regulations.” Any fear expressed that the government will take guns away from law abiding citizens is laughed at by many on the left, mostly¬†by the ones who aren’t fully catechized into the cult of omnipotent government. They are the ones who think they are being pragmatic and responsible when they are really just being driven by emotion and hubris. They do not comprehend that despite being inherently risky,¬†freedom is still preferable to any¬†alternative.¬†¬†Brandon Morse explained here at RedState yesterday.

Those who¬†resist the mob¬†in order to keep their freedom will be accused of having the blood of the innocents on their hands.¬†They will make¬†super-villains out of anyone who speaks against the buzzword of ‚Äúcommon sense‚ÄĚ reforms or gun laws.

But a large swath of us are not in this mob. We want our freedoms more than we want this ‚Äúsafety.‚ÄĚ We cherish free will and liberty over restriction and regulation.

We do this in full understanding that freedom comes with risks, and no guarantees. Freedom is being able to possess available firearms for self-defense, while also meaning someone else can legitimately, or illegitimately get it for nefarious purposes.


While the Democrats fail to comprehend this, the Republicans often fail to even make the argument. Progressivism has led us so far into unreality that many have given up on making arguments from first principles and some have even abandoned the principles themselves.

People who apply logic and reason to the problem recognize that the only way one might have a chance of eliminating gun violence¬†altogether is to try to eliminate guns‚ÄĒor at least private gun ownership‚ÄĒaltogether, even if some individual progressives haven’t grasped the inevitable¬†end of their desire to “do something” after every violent incident.

Some will pontificate about how the peasantry doesn’t really need this or that type of gun. Those who Thomas Sowell calls¬†“the anointed” don’t understand that their job is not to tell us¬†what we¬†need. ¬†Others pay lip service to the second amendment while actively working against it in their quest to say that they have “done something” about a problem, even if the “something” is passing legislation that does nothing but take freedom away from people who don’t commit crimes.

The progressives’¬†reptile brain¬†urge to “do something”¬†about everything is often worse than the problems they think they are solving. Whether it’s guns, healthcare, taxes, education, or anything else, they aspire to control the lives of others when most of them can’t even manage their own. Their every move to control anything is just a ¬†stepping stone to more stringent control. For some it is intentional, while others sacrifice your freedom for the sake of their own legislative resume. Progressives measure success by how many pages they add to the CFR.


There are too many¬†gun control laws on the books already, many of which aren’t even being enforced and all¬†of which are only being observed by people who aren’t murderers or thieves. Adding more is just a vain effort to gain political popularity. All of this is why we need common sense politician control. The laws are already on the books. Some smart guys did that about 200 years ago. Maybe we should start enforcing them so that we can stop progressives from using every violent incident as an excuse to seize more and more control while solving no problems.



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