Guess what 'Boobgate' Pundit Clay Travis Wants to Do Next


Clay Travis is talking about running for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Senator Bob Corker (R-Tennessee).

Sports radio host Clay Travis said Wednesday he will consider running for Senate in Tennessee as an independent if incumbent Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) does not seek reelection in 2018.

“I think I could get elected,” Travis said on his Fox Sports radio show “Outkick the Coverage.”

“There has to be no incumbent and Peyton Manning has to not run. Other than that I think I could beat anyone in the state,” he added, referring to the NFL legend, who won a football national championship at the University of Tennessee.

“If you went and walked around with me at a [University of Tennessee football] tailgate, let’s say next week when they’re playing Georgia next weekend, if I went around with a camera crew … we’d have 100 percent name recognition of people under the age of 50,” Travis said. “It’s positive name recognition … if you walked around with a camera, we’d make the Democrats and Republicans both incredibly nervous. They’d kill to have the recognition in the state. I think I could win as an independent.”

It was pretty ridiculous when Travis created a national controversy simply by saying “boobs” on CNN. It was interesting in that it shined a bright light on the selectively puritanical nature of cable TV, but the only real result to the whole thing was a lot of people learned that Clay Travis existed. In the shallow end of American history otherwise known as 2017, a little fame is all that seems to be required to launch a political career.  If that fame comes from saying something politically incorrect on “fake news” CNN then there is a segment of voters who will probably back him, no questions asked.


Travis has said he voted for former President Barack Obama twice. Still, he has been embraced on the right, where many share his view that ESPN has tacked hard to the left.

Track records and policy positions obviously don’t matter anymore. It’s all about cult of personality and angering the right set of people now. His support for Barack Obama will probably be offset by the fact that he offended a CNN host by saying “boobs.”

If he really likes boobs, he would almost certainly enjoy being in the Senate. It’s loaded with them.


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