Pro-DACA Demonstrations Vary Between Absurdly Awkward and Threatening

DACA Protestors

Ranging from the hilariously awkward to threatening, lefties were out in front of the White House protesting in support of Obama’s immigration legislation by fiat. We need to address this issue, but DACA is not the answer. Neither is this sort of embarrassing protest.


I’m not sure if DACA even applies to recent immigrants to Funkytown. I’ll have to consult an immigration attorney.

Last week it was dinosaurs waddling around the White House to protest budget “cuts” for national service programs. I’m not sure if “Dance for DACA” is better or worse.

Some protesters were less comical.

The “No [whatever], no peace” chant is inherently threatening. Taken literally it means violence will result if these people don’t get what they want. I doubt the resolve to follow through for most of them but we’ve seen enough to expect this too could end in bloodshed at some point.



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