ELLE Magazine Shares Sick Video Glorifying a Mother's Abuse of her Child

Obviously it is no longer news that society has gone completely off the rails. The misguided obsession with normalizing everything abnormal in the name of “tolerance” reaches a new low with this video celebrating a parent warping a child’s mind. This is an 8 year old boy whom they want us to believe chose to become a drag queen named “Lactatia.” (Yes, Lactatia.)


We’re to believe that he came to this decision entirely on his own and not because of parental encouragement. Even the clumsy wording of ELLE’s tweet inadvertently implies family dysfunction.

This 8-year-old boy loves transforming into drag queen Lactatia—& he won’t let other people stop him from doing what makes him feel accepted

The claim is that the boy decided to be a drag queen because it makes him “feel accepted.” Accepted by whom? It is difficult to imagine that being a drag queen results in being accepted by other 8 year old boys, unless they too are being brainwashed into the cult of gender fluidity. Children are typically not very enlightened about differences among their peers.

From the video it is clear that this abnormal behavior is getting a great deal of acceptance from the boy’s mother. She even admits that she has been encouraging this behavior since the boy was 2 years old. That is child abuse.

No one at 8 years old—let alone 2—is deciding to be a drag queen unless they are receiving outside influences and positive reinforcement from adults. Even so the self proclaimed cultural elite are currently hellbent on portraying their indoctrinated children as fonts of sage wisdom. (Ironically these are almost always the same people who think adults can’t make their own decisions without directives from Washington D.C.)



That’s not to say children don’t often cut through the social pretenses and make profound and truthful observations. However these people want us to believe that their children are “woke” because they parrot the same warped view of the world their parents have drilled into their minds.

Back to the ELLE Magazine atrocity…

No one with an ounce of common sense should believe this child’s actions and decisions are not a product of what he is being fed by his parents. Maybe “parent” is more likely though. Despite the mother’s use of pronouns like “we” and “our” suggesting another parent, no father appears in the video. It makes one wonder whether this child has a male influence in his life.

Is the father present in this boy’s life? Is he himself one of the emasculated victims of radical feminism? Or is this child being raised by same sex parents?


Whatever the family structure, it’s clear that this child’s behavior is substantially about getting approval from his mother. It’s just a variation on the psychotic child beauty pageant moms that society generally condemns, but since bending gender is the hip thing to do right now, this is celebrated as the conscious and courageous decision of child. A boy’s mind is being warped all to satisfy the vanity of his mother.

It’s child abuse.



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