BREAKING: North Korea Fires Missile OVER Japan

Kim Jong Un has ramped up his saber rattling. Reportedly his latest missile test launched a projectile that traveled over Japan.

The Japanese government has warned that a North Korean missile is headed toward the Tohoku region at the northern end of the country, according to Japanese broadcaster NHK.

NHK also reported that Japan took no action to shoot down the projectile.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters that it appeared that a ballistic missile was fired and that it flew over the country.

South Korea’s Yonhap, citing the military, said that Pyongyang fired a ballistic missile which flew through Japan’s airspace.

A South Korean military official told NBC News that the projectile was fired around 5:57 a.m. local time.

NHK said that the government has urged people in Tohoku to take refuge in solid buildings or underground shelters.


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