Today's Trump Twitter Tantrum: Abolish the Filibuster, Republicans 'Look Like Fools'

President Trump’s latest fusillade of tweets isn’t about the good or bad points of any particular healthcare proposal. It’s not about persuading anyone that America needs a new approach to health insurance involving more consumer freedom, or providing leadership or vision to the party he allegedly belongs to. It is just more whinging about how the rules are in his way.


They have to first come up with “great legislation” before they can pass it. So far they haven’t done that, especially with regard to healthcare. Trump has thrown his weight behind a spectrum of terrible healthcare proposals but the problem isn’t the incoherent and vague message he’s pushing. It’s the rules.  If the goal line was 5 yards closer, I would have scored a touchdown. 


Keep in mind that this is the man who loudly boasts about his electoral college victory in between complaints that we don’t elect presidents by national popular vote.

Exactly. Trump is the quintessential crony capitalist. Using his influence to exact arbitrary rule changes and tax breaks for himself and whatever project he’s selling is how he made his money.

There are probably many valid reasons proposing to change rules in the Senate. President Trump not getting his way is not one of them.


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