Canadian Hockey Fans Pay Proper Obeisance to the USA Despite Their Technological Inferiority

It’s pleasing to see that, despite sports rivalries, many Canadians still know their place. This no doubt is due to President Trump’s recent display of dominance.

When their “country” failed to provide them with a a functioning microphone at the Stanley Cup matchup between the Oilers of Edmonton and the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, the assembled throng of drunken fur trappers and poutine eaters belted out The Star Spangled Banner in an appropriate and satisfactory display of their submission.

Canadian country music artist Brett Kissel was about to perform the American National anthem before Game 3 of the Stanley Cup playoffs between the Oilers and Ducks in Edmonton, when he experienced some technical issues.

But more than 18,000 fans had his back, and joined him in an impromptu sing-along.

If Canada has a national anthem it’s probably something by Rush, so American men would have difficulty singing it even if they had bothered to learn how to speak Canadian.

I can’t wait to see the comments from people who took this post seriously.

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