It Shouldn't Surprise You That the #MarchForScience Looks More Like Another #MarchForLeftism

As you might have expected, the #MarchForScience is little more than a global celebration of the leftist holy day known as Earth Day. This is just another round of left wing Democrat astroturf.


Some marchers were there to promote the “science” of revoking Second Amendment rights.

In those three pictures tweeted by The Hill, there are three Muppets and two politicians. Not one scientist.

Earth is a planet, not a mother or a “she” so the pink pussy hats are probably don’t apply here, but they do reveal who these protesters really are.  Also, why is there a sign referencing The Giving Tree?


Another “Beaker” and if you look closely in that picture there’s a sign referencing Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring the 50 year old book containing the junk science hysteria over pesticides that has led to tens of millions of deaths from mosquito borne illnesses. Victims of “science.”

Some marchers even appeared to be marching for science fiction.

Ok, but what about all the movies where the disasters are caused by scientists?  Never mind. That doesn’t matter because those movies aren’t real either.

Maybe that’s because your not. You’re marching for politics.



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