VIDEO: Disgraceful Maxine Waters Incites #TaxMarch Clowns to Chant About Impeachment

Remember when Representative Joe Wilson shouting “You lie!” while President Obama was lying and the political world lost its collective mind over how inappropriate and unbecoming that was for a United States Congressman? How about when tea party marchers chanted “Kill the bill” while Congress was forcibly giving the country an Obamacare suppository? That was positively racist.


Why aren’t the same pearl clutchers getting the vapors from Representative Maxine Waters inciting a crowd to chant “Impeach 45” because she doesn’t respect or trust this President? Honestly, neither do I, Maxine, but if you’re going to impeach a President you need a little bit more than that to go on.

I don’t trust or respect you either, by the way, Maxine. Neither do your fellow Democrats, or they’d tell you to stop beclowning yourself like this.

I suppose it plays well with the people whose judgement is bad enough to consider voting for her.


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