SAD! The President is Still Throwing a Trumper Tantrum About His Failing Agenda

At this point I think people with less antipathy toward President Trump than I have must be feeling embarrassed for him.

He just can’t stop making an ass of himself on Twitter. It’s SAD!


By all accounts, Trump didn’t even know what was in the “great healthcare” legislative failure that bruised his ego. This latest spate of social media whining follows his earlier attacks on members of the Freedom Caucus.

Either that or…

It’s easy to laugh at until you remember that this man is President. Of. The. United. States.

Does this impress anyone other than Sean Hannity, Jim Hoft, or the alt-right?  This behavior must elicit at least an inkling of buyer’s remorse. Some people out there must be questioning whether voting for an unhinged lunatic was one of their better life choices.

The Congressmen that Trump is taking pot shots at probably aren’t very concerned about his latest flabby attempt to establish dominance.


I think my colleague Jay Caruso is right. Steve Bannon is probably playing Grima Wormtongue on his boss.

Does Trump honestly think these three and others in the HFC caucus are going to bow to his lame Twitter threats?

My guess is, these petty attacks are coming after Steve Bannon whispers in his ear. One can see the rage building in Trump as Bannon says, “They screwed you, boss. Let’s get them.” Trump, like the Hulk, becomes uncontrollable and whips out his phone and tweets.

Or maybe after all those years as a left wing Democrat, Trump still just hates freedom.


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