Morning Schmo: Befuddled Mika Incoherently Grills Congressman About Paid Family Leave

Poor Mika Brzezinski. She’s completely befuddled by the notion that some people don’t think the federal government should be forcing itself into ever detail of how citizens run their private businesses.


She thinks she has Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador over a barrel with regard to paid family leave, even though Labrador was on the show to talk about health care reform.

She opens her questioning while laughing and smirking as if she cannot even accept that there are different views than hers on the issue. That’s probably because she really can’t.

I’ll start off by by asking you what you have against paid family leave because you seem to be against it?

Labrador explained that he doesn’t see it as the government’s role to force businesses to provide paid family leave. Mika won’t accept that and pretends not to have heard his answer.

Yeah, ummm, we’re at the point though where it does not exist and you don’t think at this point…do you…ummm…do you think you’d like to have paid family leave in your family? Do you thank would be important for your family moving forward in the best way possible?


Ummm…what? How is this woman on TV?

Again, Labrador says that it’s not the role of government to force businesses to provide family leave. Again Mika fails to absorb this simple concept. He explained how as a business owner he willingly provided leave and benefits and worked with his employees to help them when needed, without the government interfering.

You didn’t feel it was your responsibility to provide paid family leave?

Finally Labrador gets exasperated with the irrelevant line of questioning but not before Mika asks him the same question a few of more times.




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