Women's March Turns #DayWithoutAWoman Into Day Without A Clue

When leftists gather in large aggrieved groups, you can be sure there will be plenty of paranoid raving and a whole lot of stupid. The #DayWithoutAWoman became the “day without an understanding of Biology 101.”


Um… Who births the other half of the population?

That’s because women only receive 78% of the education men get.

PETA opposes babies because of the exploitation of stork workers. Half the babies anyway.




Blame the patriarchy for that. They’re all about restricting women’s access to things, like the knowledge of alternative vegetable-based birthing methods.

Too much time in Women’s Studies classes.

There are too many “woman driver” jokes here to pick just one. Though intentionally blocking traffic is in direct contradiction to the hashtag. If it was a day without women, it should be a day of significantly lighter traffic. “Without” implies absence, as in not being present.

How come women never say what they mean?




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