You Can't Declare a President a "Success" (Or a "Hitler") in Three Weeks

Donald Trump has been the President for about three weeks and a significant portion of America has devolved into two competing reactionary mobs. One is already declaring his three week old presidency a complete success. One is declaring Donald Trump to be the second coming of Hitler. They are both crazy.


Even as someone who didn’t support Trump and who still has reservations about him, I have found the reaction of the Democrat party and the rest of the far left completely asinine. Their dishonest histrionics are offensive and they all but drown out any serious criticism of Trump. They have created an environment with so much background noise that rational discussion has become all but impossible.

I don’t think anyone on the right for whom supporting Trump was a bridge too far ever denied that there would be some welcome outcomes to a Trump presidency, but we are far from being able to celebrate his election as an overall success. Fox News’ Eric Bolling was on television already declaring what Trump’s legacy will be. That is, frankly, nuts.

In a football game, a coach will often script out the first few series of offensive plays, then make adjustments according to what the other team’s defense does. I think this is analogous to Trump’s Presidency so far. He hasn’t had to exercise any judgement and react to any serious challenges yet. He’s executing a plan made during the transition and hasn’t really been tested yet.

Jay Caruso addressed this earlier today. By all means, people should celebrate things like the nomination of an originalist like Neil Gorsuch to replace Justice Scalia. Celebration is fine. Declaring victory is irrational. To continue the football analogy, don’t spike the ball after making a first down on the opening drive.


I’m really just hoping we can maintain some objectivity. I know that won’t come from the left, but I hope their hyperbolic reactions don’t drive people on the right to equal and opposite departures from reality. I don’t expect people on the right to nit pick or scrutinize Trump unfairly, just with some healthy skepticism. Politicians can—and will—disappoint you; conservatives should know this better than anyone.

Leave the premature canonization of secular saints to the left. That’s the domain of Obamatons and Bernie-bots.

There is a lot presidenting left to do—far too much to be declaring Trump a savior.



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