VIDEO: Chuck Schumer Was Literally CRYING Over Trump's Executive Order

It seems there’s a new John Boehner in Washington. Chuck Schumer called an emotional press conference this morning to grandstand against President Trump’s executive order temporarily banning travel to the U.S. from certain countries while the vetting process is improved. I agree with assessments made by others here at RedState that there is a lot to sort out with this executive order. As Barack Obama often warned, let’s not rush to judgement until we have all the facts. The initial confusion as the order came down provided Schumer with a perfect opportunity for some political theater.

Using a family of immigrants as props, Schumer nearly broke down sobbing while delivering his condemnation of the straw man characterization of the executive order that the Democrats seem to have settled upon. At least when John Boehner went all weepy, it was just because he’s a sap. Schumer is a reptile and these could easily be crocodile tears.

When far left Democrats wrap themselves in the flag and start talking about Lady Liberty, be on your guard.

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