Jerry Seinfeld Tweets a Pun about Lewis Black, Gets Brutalized by the Speech Police

Jerry Seinfeld’s promotional tweet for the new episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee with guest comedian Lewis Black was received like the Twitter equivalent of passing gas in church.


Seinfeld made a pun involving Black’s name that offended the politically correct puritans.

Some people saw it coming. Maybe Seinfeld did too and thought it would get a lot of publicity.

There were plenty of finger-wagging pedants eager to punish the comedian for his off-limits pun by writing boring tweets he more than likely won’t see.

Now I’m offended. There’s nothing funny about that site…or your tweets.



Only use illegitimate movements when making puns about white people. That’s the first rule of comedy.

I’ve long been gravitating toward the school of thought that any religion that can’t tolerate a little humor being poked at it is a cult.

The same appears to be true for political movements.


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