Gay Muslim Furry Romance In The Age of Trump...Wait, What?

The collective conniption the left has sustained since Trump won the election has truly been something to behold. Every political identity group who feels oppressed is absolutely convinced that Trump is going to round them up for re-education, human experimentation or worse.


Can literature be the key to uniting all the marginalized victims under one banner to defeat the agenda of the abstrusely coiffed, Velveeta-hued Beast who is literally more like Hitler than the actual Hitler was?

A writer at Slate seems to think so, and he has found the very book to unite the tribes so he wrote this article with this actual headline  How Can Literature Resist Islamophobia? One Writer Answers: Gay Muslim Furry Romance. I would guess that the word “literature” is used very loosely here though The Time He Desires could very well be the Stranger in a Strange Land for the gay, furry, muslim, anti-Trump generation.

Kyell Gold’s new novel may lie at the most unlikely intersection in literary history: a gay immigrant Muslim romance involving furries—that is, people who feel a close identification with anthropomorphic animal characters.

“I wrote this book in part as a response to the wave of Islamophobia in this country,” Gold explained in an author’s note, “never dreaming at the time that it would crest as it has now.”

The Time He Desires is the story of Aziz, a cheetah in a faltering heterosexual marriage who explores the boundaries of his sexuality with the help of a gay fox. Aziz is a Sudanese immigrant, and he engages in a struggle with his desires that will be familiar to queer readers.

Mark Tapson, editor-in-chief at TruthRevolt commenting via Facebook said, “This is genius. If only one of the main characters were a black Republican in addition to all the other identities, this author would have hit the intersectionality jackpot.”


There really should be a special edition printed entirely on recycled “Coexist” bumper stickers.

The author is not one to overstate the obvious.

“One of the themes of my stories, from very early on, has been conflict between people who realize they’re gay and a society that has problems with that sexuality,” Gold said. Though his previous books have touched on Christianity, “I know that Islam is also not necessarily tolerant towards homosexuality.

That’s a bit like saying, “Sales of this book might be relatively low in Saudi Arabia,” but if “not necessarily tolerant” means “likely to violently execute and/or throw from the top of a tall building” then he’s absolutely right. Still, putting Christianity and Islam anywhere close to one another on the tolerance spectrum is objectively absurd.

“I also didn’t understand much about Islam other than that it’s a religion that hundreds of millions of people in the world follow.”

He resolved to learn more. He turned first to Wikipedia, then forums and Tumblr pages.

This, of course, is the natural progression of any real search for truth in the 21st century.

Muslims, queers, and furries all share the experience of having been marginalized by the mainstream, and of being continually forced to justify their existence. But just as public opinion on LGBTQ folks has softened over the last few years, furries seem to be enjoying a break as well.


Seriously? Continually forced to justify their existence?  There is a huge contingent of people who after ever Islamist terror attack leaps over the victims in order to defend Muslims from the statistically non-existant backlash.  The government in certain states will destroy a family’s business and livelihood for thinking incorrectly about gay marriage.  I don’t expect enough people are even aware of furries’ existence to make any significant attempt at forcing them to justify it.

I could be wrong for making fun. Maybe this book will be do for gay furry Muslims what Silent Spring did for earth worshipping eco-hippies.

I think I’ll wait for the movie though.


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