The Left May Be Less Sympathetic to Muslim Refugees After Hearing This News

Something is happening to many Muslim refugees during their flight into Europe, something that may not appeal to the multi-culti social justice warriors.  Many of them are converting to Christianity.


“A lot of them come to Germany and think, here I can choose my religion and I want to choose a religion of freedom,” Mr Linke said.

“For many Iranians that I’ve baptised, Christianity is the religion of freedom.”

Felix Goldinger, a Catholic priest in Speyer, said many of the refugees he has baptised come from Iran and Afghanistan, as well as from Syria or Eritrea.

It is not known exactly how many of the Middle Eastern refugees have converted but in Germany it is happening more frequently according to anecdotal reports.

The number of conversions has not been officially counted but the phenomenon dates back at least to 2013, when a handbook on baptising asylum seekers was released by Germany’s evangelical church (EKD).

“In recent years asylum seekers – either alone or as a family – have increasingly turned to the Christian faith and asked church communities whether they could be baptised,” its introduction reads.

“This is a special challenge, not only for asylum seekers, but also for parish priests, parishioners and parishes, who guide those being baptised for many hours, sensitively and responsibly.”


Some of the converts may have been drawn to Christianity in their home countries but never followed through for fear of persecution while others were evangelized while traveling to Germany.

There is concern that some conversions could be motivated by the belief that it will increase the chance of being granted asylum in Germany, where Christianity is the dominant religion.

Isis is among the jihadist groups killing Christians in Iraq and Syria, while the faith can be persecuted using apostasy or blasphemy laws including Iran, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.

There may be some who are trying to improve their chances of being granted asylum but, for some, being uprooted from their home countries by violence may a blessing in disguise because it is an opportunity to safely step away from a tyrannical religious system.

How long before someone accuses Christians of social oppression?


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