WV Republican Calls FLOTUS An Ape On Facebook, Claims Backlash Is A "Hate Crime"

There is one sure fire path to international publicity for an unknown Republican in an obscure office in a place few people could find on a map: say something—or in this case respond positively to—something stupidly racist on social media.

In Clay County, West Virginia, Pamela Ramsey Taylor, a county employee, posted a racial slur about Michelle Obama on Facebook. Beverly Whaling, the Clay County Mayor replied with, “Just made my day, Pam.” The story has gone viral and has undoubtedly reinforced the “racist Republican” stereotype for millions. Thanks, morons.


There’s probably something to be said here about glass houses and throwing stones.

The comments were made in the context of celebrating Donald Trump’s presidential election victory.

Pamela Ramsey Taylor, who runs a local non-profit group in Clay County, referred to the first lady as an “ape”.

“It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified first lady in the White House. I’m tired of seeing a Ape in heels,” she said.

Local mayor Beverly Whaling responded with “just made my day Pam”.

Beverly, you can be pretty confident that you just made your future Democrat challenger’s day as well.


Local news channel WSAZ reports that Taylor has been removed from her position.

Pamela Ramsey Taylor served as the director of the Clay County Development Corporation, but workers there tell WSAZ Taylor has been removed from her position.

But when asked if she still has a job at Clay County Development Corporation, they said “all we can comment on is that she has been removed from her position.”

An earlier version of the story cited Taylor’s apology and a statement saying she had been “reprimanded.”

Taylor says she has been reprimanded at her job and is unsure whether she will be able to keep her position. She was also on Clay County’s pageant festival committee but tells WSAZ she does not hold any leadership positions in pageantry.

Taylor says she is working with her attorney to file a lawsuit against individual(s) who have slandered her.

Yeah, that should go well. Prolong your personal train wreck in the courts. Good move.

She says she is sorry for everything that has happened but says she now believes the situation has turned into a “hate crime against me.”

Just wow.

So far there is no statement from the Mayor. She’s probably looking for a suitable bus under which to throw her friend.

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