Donald May Have Plans to Start Trump TV, But the Internet Is Rigged Against Him

For some time RedState has been covering speculation that reality TV star Donald Trump’s end game is starting a new “Trump TV” network. If true, the project isn’t very organized. is reporting that the business genius hasn’t even procured internet the domain names.


If Trump doesn’t make it to the Oval Office on Election Day, it appears the business mogul has a backup plan: Trump TV.

For weeks, rumors have been circulating that Trump is planning to build his own media network after the election. It seems like a natural fit for reality show star, with one small obstacle: the domain

Some enterprising person purchased the domain at public auction. Donald Trump has responded with threats of legal action. (I know. Shocker, right?) If you visit the or domains right now you see this message.

This site is not owned by nor affiliated with Donald Trump or any of the trademark holder(s) of the Trump name.

Vote NO to Trump

He wasn’t even organized enough to purchase this domain (or at public auction, and he wants to run the U.S.A.?

Days after I won this domain at public auction I received a letter from Trump attorneys threatening to sue me for trademark infringement for purchasing this domain.

Guess who still owns the domain… not that guy!


The Internet is rigged!


Presumably Trump TV would be a lot like Fox News but without the two percent of programming that covers Trump somewhat objectively. It would be a network where Trump could cover Trump the way Trump sees Trump. It would have a ready made audience consisting of the rabid alt-righters who have crawled out from under their bridges—braving the chemtrails—to  support his campaign (and attack Jews on Twitter).

Whether Trump would sue the guy who yoinked his domains before the women who accused him of sexual assault or reporters who said mean things about him remains to be seen. Somebody is getting sued though. Believe me.



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