The Shocking Truth About the Thugs Who Destroyed the 'Trump Car' in That Viral Video

Yesterday YouTuber Joey Salads hit the top of the Drudge Report with a video allegedly depicting black men destroying a parked car adorned with Trump campaign stickers. He racked up over a million views in one day. The trouble is the video is totally fake.


The Daily Wire  reports:

The prankster’s taped “social experiment”—in which a car covered in Donald Trump bumper stickers left in a black neighborhood was destroyed by “thugs” after only thirty minutes—went viral. The footage earned Salads coverage from mainstream outlets like Real Clear Politics, and even landed him the coveted top spot on massive conservative media outlet The Drudge Report.

That’s two days in a row that Drudge got burned by fake stories. Yesterday he fell for Jim Hoft’s fake voter fraud scoop which consisted of some Twitter troll in California pretending he was a mailman in Ohio who liked destroying Trump ballots.

Here is Joey Salads’ original video.

First of all, what kind of name is Joey Salads? It sounds like the least intimidating mafia nickname ever. “Pumpkin Spice” Joey must have been unavailable. But I digress.

YouTuber Mark Dice debunked the extremely prejudiced video with extreme prejudice.


The first thing Dice points out is that the car bashing thugs had their faces blurred in the video. (Apparently Salads was unable to get the thugs to sign a release or something.) The really convincing evidence though was the SnapChat photo someone took from a nearby building showing the “thugs” waiting in the wings while Joey shoots his intro. Here’s a screenshot.


Here’s Dice’s complete takedown of the Joey Salads hoax. It is a thing of beauty.

There seems to be a growing trend in social media where people share stories and videos like this without even entertaining the thought that they could be fake. Articles from parody sites unleash hundreds of outraged commenters before anyone realizes what they’re made about didn’t really happen. It’s good to be alert, but don’t be so alert that you lose a healthy bit of skepticism, especially when it comes to political oriented material on the internet.


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