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I was feeling a bit ambitious the past few days, thus recorded and released two episodes of my Cephas Hour podcast. Here’s the first. You can listen to the entire show on demand at its website; here’s a transcription of the commentary portion.




At RedState, the website where I exercise my writing jones, there’s a story about how the fastest-growing cable network in 2022 was one called Great American family. Great American Family’s focus is wholesome and openly Christian content.

Last year, a kerfuffle occurred when Candace Cameron Bure, the unofficial queen of Hallmark movies, switched to working with Great American Family as she was highly displeased with the direction Hallmark was taking with its content. Naturally, she took a fair amount of heat for this from the mainstream media, who are doubtless quite upset she has never done any nude scenes.

Now, wholesome is good … but it still has to be good period if you’re hoping for an audience. This would appear to be Great American Family’s appeal. Unless you still have a carryover crush on Candace Cameron Bure from her “Full House” days. If so, be reminded her husband is a former professional hockey player and a very highly skilled one at that who, although not necessarily known for his pugilistic abilities, does have friends, so proceed at your own risk. But I digress.

The point is that quality entertainment remembers it is, in fact, both entertainment and a vessel of quality. It’s OK to have an agenda. Witness the music I play on this show. But it has to be something of value. It has to be well-written, musically and lyrically, well-performed, and well-recorded. It’s not sufficient to slap a Jesus label on something. If it were, the world’s most excellent radio station would be K-LOVE.




A woman I know online, who’s very nice and intelligent, albeit occasionally prone to oversharing, has recently been posting photos following her daily workout routines. I’d do the same, but in my case, it’d be photos of pounding down my usual morning Snickers. But again, I digress.

She noted today that posting such photos brings on an odd assortment of responses, varying from males being their usual online selves to women whining about how they don’t have time for such things. It reminds me how on my way to work, I pass a gym usually packed with men and women working out at 5:30 in the morning. I’d join them, but I must be at work at 6:00 most days. And besides, Snickers. One must have priorities, after all.

I have no sympathy for women who post photos of themselves with their décolletage prominently featured, followed by complaints about males being their usual online selves commenting on same. We’ve figured out males are prone to being lazy, self-obsessed, and over-sexed. It’s called being a sinner. I say males instead of men because men, especially men of God, know how to keep themselves in check.

It’s a more benign version of celebrities acting shocked and hurt when “personal“ nude photos and sex tapes suddenly hit the Internet. Here’s a thought: if you don’t want such photographs and videos to become public, try not making them. It’s an attempt for attention, and all the lecturing other people regarding how they should act in response doesn’t disguise that fact.


Be yourself? Absolutely. Take care of yourself? Of course. Our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit. But be smart. Conduct yourself with class. Consider others. And maybe put the camera down at least once in a while.



It’s been said that the best way to guarantee your plans never come to fruition is announcing them. Therefore, I will not be announcing any of my plans for 2023, although I do in fact have some.

One plan I can safely announce is that I plan on remembering life is short. There is no infinite number of days for any of us on this planet. Not that that requires us to run around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get everything done in the next five minutes. But it should make us mindful of the fact that, as said, time is finite on this planet, and we need to get done what we need to get done.

(Side note: Later on in the podcast I debut “Intervene,” the new song by Rosalie whose music I’ve discussed here earlier. Here’s the video.)



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