The RedState NFL Week Two Preview


Having survived Week One with only two major disasters, namely Dak Prescott’s thumb and Nathaniel Hackett’s play-calling, the NFL rumbles, fumbles, stumbles, and bumbles into its second week. And second chances. Shall we?


Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs — How nice of the NFL to gift Amazon Prime’s debut as Thursday night football’s new home with the week’s best matchup. Both teams are coming off of solid wins, and the Chiefs are doubtless eager to remind their division rivals that despite the Chargers being the chic pick to battle the Bills in the AFC championship game this season, Kansas City is looking to play in said game for the fifth straight year. Mahomes. Herbert. Should be a good’un.

New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers — Say, remember when this would have been a guaranteed playoff game preview? The Patriots were highly unimpressive in their season opener against the Dolphins, while the Steelers showed some serious grit in their overtime win over the Bengals. One has to think New England will have a snarl to their step, yet the Steelers also have something to prove in the post-Ben Roethlisberger era. Definitely a game to watch.

Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Ravens — The Dolphins want to prove their convincing win over the Patriots in Week One is who they are. The Ravens want to prove their convincing win over the Jets in Week One isn’t solely due to their opponent. Something’s got to give.

Washington Commanders at Detroit Lions — Uh, yeah. The Carson Wentz redemption tour visits the Motor City.

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars — Assuming the Colts’ new kicker can avoid his immediate predecessor’s inability to make the ball go straight, Indianapolis figures to be the heavy favorite in a revenge game against the team that knocked them out of the playoffs last season.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints — The Saints struggled in Week One to beat an inferior Falcons squad, while the Buccaneers clamped down the Cowboys. However, courtesy of Giselle Bündchen, Tampa Bay has replaced New Orleans as the NFL’s resident drama llama. So, the Saints might pull a surprise.

Carolina Panthers at New York Giants — Will the real Baker Mayfield please stand up? Tough game to figure, one where it’s easier to come up with reasons why both teams should lose.

Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams — This will be a test of whether the Rams got the message from last week’s embarrassment by the Bills that being the defending Super Bowl champions doesn’t mean the other team won’t bother competing. The Falcons gave the Saints a run for their money in their season opener, so a pushover they are not.

Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers — One assumes the 49ers will not gift the Seahawks a win by attempting an impossible field goal at game’s end. Then again, if Trey Lance is as mediocre in this game as he was against the Bears, San Francisco may well gift Seattle the win anyway.

Cincinnati Bengals at Dallas Cowboys — Can Cooper Rush adequately fill in for Dak Prescott? Can the Bengals snap back from losing the season opener against the Steelers? Can either of these teams come back from starting the season 0-2? Unless they tie, we’ll find out.


Houston Texans at Denver Broncos — Some advice for the Broncos: let Russ cook. And call the plays. Trust me.

Arizona Cardinals at Las Vegas Raiders — Another game where neither team wants to start the season 0-2. Actually, no team does. Anyway, look for Derek Carr to throw the ball early and often to Davante Adams, followed by  Kyler Murray throwing the ball early and often to Marquise Brown. Should be fun to watch.

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers — Just what the doctor ordered for Aaron Rodgers.

Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills — As Frank Reich is unavailable due to his commitments in Indianapolis, don’t expect a Titans comeback from the Bills pouring it on.

Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles — Exactly why is this game on Monday Night Football?

See you all back here next week!


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