Of Aaron Rodgers and Leaving a Tender Moment Alone

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A few days ago, an “awww” moment occurred in a Wisconsin supermarket. A young mother was grocery shopping with her daughter. Much to their surprise, they noticed a fellow shopper was none other than Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who both took a moment to chat with the starstruck child and let her mother take a few pictures.


One would like to think that aside from a few bitter members of the Future Mrs. Rodgers Society Inc. and even bitterer Chicago Bears fans, such a moment would generate nothing but warm fuzzies. Regrettably, such a notion is immediately dashed against reality’s rocks and social media’s quasi-anonymity bringing out the bitter, cynical hatred in bitter, cynical people.

Gee, guys, mad that the woman’s Twitter header (or banner if you prefer) shows her and her husband kissing their daughter, thus firmly indicating she’s not interested in going out with you? The only thing missing is a tweet from Ruth Sent Us criticizing the mother for not aborting the little parasite when she had the chance, thus adding to the world’s overpopulation issue while supporting the patriarchy or something.

It’s not exactly a state secret that we live in troubled times. We have a senile, feckless, ineffectual “president” whose handlers must constantly rush him away from even a fawning media — pardon the redundancy — lest his obliviousness become publicly apparent. A quick trip to the grocery stores reveals steadily soaring prices for steadily shrinking product sizes plus increasingly empty shelves, and not only on the baby formula aisle. And have you tried filling your car’s gas tank lately without taking out a second mortgage? Savings are disappearing, and maxed out credit cards necessary to cover basic household bills, with no sign of relief on the horizon.


Maybe some kudos are in order instead of sniping while hiding behind social media screen names. Like thanking a young mom who obviously loves her daughter. Like thanking Aaron Rodgers for taking a moment to be a nice guy. Let’s thank both of them for a moment of doing this being human thing right.

There is more than enough in this world to drag us down individually and collectively. No need exists to look for more. As the song says, leave a tender moment alone.



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