After Painting Her Colleagues as Out of Touch, Dem Rep. Katie Porter Says Inflation 'Reinforces' the 'Need' for Abortion

The astonishing Democrat tone-deafness regarding items of actual interest to Americans, coupled with the party’s utter disregard for human life’s value, reached a new high, or low if you prefer, on Wednesday. This transpired when Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA), having freshly scolded her colleagues’ inability to recognize inflation’s devastating effect on their constituents, stated that inflation is abortion justification.


Porter’s comment came during an MSNBC appearance.

As previously reported by Jennifer Van Laar, Porter was on the receiving end of mockery from her fellow representatives after laying out for them, based on her first-hand experience, how much inflation is impacting the working families Democrats allegedly champion. This was despite the Democrats focusing one “session during the caucus’s [February 2022] messaging summit specifically around ‘storytelling’ and ‘creating an authentic connection with voters,’ featuring oral historian and StoryCorps founder, David Isay,” to better connect with a voter base growing ever more frustrated with an out-of-touch Washington. However, in true contemporary Democrat fashion, the party has picked the wrong topic.


Instead of connecting with Americans on everyday issues that affect families daily, guess what topic Democrats think they can really gain ground on using storytelling? That’s right. Abortion.

This makes Rep. Porter’s abortion comments all the more jaw-dropping for all the wrong reasons. She had hit on something of genuine concern to all Americans. Yet, when allowed to address this publicly, Porter reverted to the same child-murdering justification vinegar Democrats have been unsuccessfully working ever since the leaked Supreme Court brief indicating an overturn of Roe v. Wade. Either someone at Democratic Party headquarters firmly warned her to start toeing the party line, or she lost the vision minutes after briefly catching the truth.

One wonders what tack the Democrats will take in pursuing the fool’s gold coat hanger next. “Hey, parents, sorry the store’s out of Similac — you should have killed the kid when you had the chance”? Sounds silly, but this is what they are saying, and almost in so many words.

The utter lack of human concern and compassion Democrats are showing for the unborn and the born, making it clear they care not a whit about soaring gas prices, accompanying inflation, and growing food shortages, should be a wake-up call to America. We’re being lied to daily. The Democrats and mainstream media — pardon the redundancy — insist 2+2=5, and if you disagree, you’re a hateful, dangerous Ultra MAGA something or other. How much more provocation will it take until open revolt becomes a definite possibility? This is far past pushing the fringe’s fragile buttons. This hits every one of us. And we must stop it. The only storytelling Democrats should be allowed to do will be when they tell anyone left listening how they got smoked at the ballot box this coming November, mules or no mules.




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