Ibram X. Kendi’s God Is Too Small

Ibram X. Kendi’s God Is Too Small
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In a recent interview on pop culture site Uproxx, Ibram X. Kendi, CEO of Hating Honkys For Fun and Especially Profit Inc., came out with the following, uh, theological “observation:”

“In many ways, white evangelical theology projects Jesus as not only white — but not only a white savior, but a white savior of people of color and even, you know — because we, apparently, according to this theology were a backward, uncivilized sort of savage race. And Jesus came, apparently, to save humanity, particularly to save black people, to save even poor whites, those so-called white trash from themselves, while liberation theology and black liberation theology is like, no, Jesus was a — as you stated, a radical revolutionary that came to free the people from the clutches of Babylon and oppression, and from the clutches of empire, whether it was the Roman empire or the American empire, and that the engine or the job of the church, you know, is to be a place or a space, really a home of revolutionaries.”

Shall we dissect this diseased corpse of shallow non-thinking?

Last time I checked, evangelical theology, regardless of the skin color owned by whoever believes in same, doesn’t project Jesus at all. Projection is putting something or someone out there as something they are not. Rather like Kendi projecting himself as a race expert. But I digress; back to evangelical theology. As noted, it doesn’t project Jesus. Rather, it proclaims Him to be the only-begotten Son of God, born of a virgin, Who willingly sacrificed His life on the cross as an offering for our sins, taking them upon Himself so that the barrier between imperfect man and perfect God could and would be forever broken by His shed blood. He then, by His own power, rose from the dead. All can receive eternal life with Him through faith in Him. Believe it or don’t; entirely your call. Either way, that’s the core message of the evangelical church.

A second part to this is what is commonly referred to as the Great Commission, said commission involving following the instructions Christ gave His apostles to go out into all the world and preach Him crucified and risen. Whether people hitting the missionary field thought, or think, of those they were preaching to as savage heathens was their problem. The ultimate goal was saving people. As I mentioned in a recent post, I spent a few days in Las Vegas last month to attend a wedding. While there I saw more than enough to convince me that compared to an alarmingly large number of alleged humans skulking around the city, the aforementioned savage heathens were the truly civilized ones.

Kendi continues with the stock issue blather about how Jesus was a revolutionary; a veritable Che Guevara in a robe and sandals. Unsurprisingly, such comments reveal nothing other than Kendi’s own utter lack of Scriptural knowledge. Jesus, in a country rife with politics as it chafed under Roman rule, avoided the topic with more intent than CNN divests itself of saying anything nice about Donald Trump. He did say pay your taxes, but that was pretty much the end of it. Politics was not on Jesus’ radar. He had bigger fish to multiply.

The oppression Jesus came to free people from was their own sin. For the record, racism is sin, for all are created in the image of God, are under the same penalty of sin, and all are in equal need for a Savior. This is doubtless heresy to Kendi and company, who are possessed with the notion that skin color alone is either dermatological damnation or an all-encompassing get out of jail card. Those whose lives and/or t-shirts and tats loudly proclaim “only God can judge me” are in for a rude awakening when their time on this earth ends and God says to them directly, “Here comes da Judge.” It is also worth noting that Babylon fell some five hundred years prior to Christ’s arrival upon this earth, but considering that the Kendi/Robin DeAngelo ghastly screed in lieu of the true Gospel creed insists we are all guilty of the sins of our forefathers, he probably thinks he’s spot on timeline-wise.

The Ibram Kendis of this world, despite their unshakable belief that each one of their words dazzle with divine dewdrops of celestial wisdom, fall pathetically short in their view of Christ. Their god is too small. Which, considering they are their own deity, is even more the case than it is with those merely attempting to stuff Jesus into their definition box of Who He is and what He can or cannot do. Jesus, taking advantage of that whole Almighty God angle, can and does save white people. And black, brown, yellow, red, and any other hue imaginable people. He’ll even save Kendi if he turns to Him in repentance. Christ knocks at the door of each of our hearts. The more we listen to Him, and the less to ourselves, the better off we will be.

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