Tim Tebow Demonstrates the Grace and Class We Desperately Need Right Now

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Tim Tebow’s NFL journey has come to an end. The Jacksonville Jaguars released him and four other players today, thus finishing Tebow’s effort to make the team at the tight end position.


In typical Tebow fashion, he responded with grace and class:

Tebow has never been the greatest athlete. As the saying goes, the only thing he did right was win. A lot. In college, he won two national championships for the University of Florida and one Heisman Trophy as college football’s best player. In the NFL, before John Elway lucked into an aging Peyton Manning, Tebow led the Denver Broncos to one of the most thrilling playoff wins ever, after getting them to the playoffs period, against the heavily favored Pittsburgh Steelers:

Tebow has been openly belittled for his open faith since he first came to national attention at Florida. He has shrugged it off and kept going on his chosen path, most recently outside of athletics raising to date more than $400,000 to directly assist victims of human trafficking and other human rights abuses across the globe. His Tim Tebow Foundation‘s annual Night to Shine gives special needs teenagers across the country the opportunity to enjoy the prom from which they otherwise would most certainly be shut out. Try though the haters might, no one has ever pinned a scandal or wisp of hypocrisy on him.


Tebow, although one would hardly know it if one obtained his or her information solely from the MSM over the years, is one of the most beloved athletes the world has ever known. The moment he began his effort to rejoin the NFL earlier this year, his jersey became the #1 seller. He was, before he tied the knot last year with Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, the rare combination of a boy that mothers fervently pray their daughters will bring home and the man said daughters have no objection to being Mr. Right.

Tebow will continue in his charity work, and doubtless in his sportscasting endeavors. He will also continue to be an inspiration, a living embodiment of giving it your all and if one thing doesn’t work out, pick yourself up and start working at something else. In a world of Megan Rapinoes, take the time to look for the Tim Tebows.


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