ASU President Defends Lefty Professor Who Assaulted TPUSA Journo, Ignores pro-Hamas Agitators on Campus

Arizona State University security footage

When Turning Point USA Frontlines reporter Kalen D'Almeida caught up with Arizona State University professor David Boyles last week to ask him some questions about sponsoring Phoenix's Drag Queen Story Hour and his "creative writing" series that's really a book about a 17-year-old boy being groomed by a much-older woman at the behest of his high school counselor, Boyles wasn't too happy about it. In fact, Boyles assaulted D'Almeida's cameraman, leading D'Almeida to defend the cameraman. Boyles got the worst of it, though; since he was wearing a skirt and heels, when D'Almeida pushed him away from the cameraman, he fell to the ground and scratched his face. 


Of course, Boyles ran to the police and claimed D'Almeida assaulted him, and now D'Almeida's being investigated for a "hate crime," even though both TPUSA's camera and ASU security video confirm D'Almeida's version of events. Curiously, though TPUSA representatives tell RedState the group requested security video through official channels immediately after its reporter was attacked, local mainstream outlets in Phoenix had the footage before TPUSA did. 

TPUSA Frontlines has publicized Boyles' beliefs on "gender, sexuality, and the involvement of children in the LGBT movement," which are of public concern given the professor's position at a publicly-funded school and the subject he teaches.


David Boyles is a Professor of English Writing at ASU with an area of expertise in “gender studies.” In 2019, Boyles gained recognition for establishing Drag Queen Story Hour-Arizona, a local chapter of the national Drag Queen Story Hour organization.

During his tenure with ASU, Boyles has expressed a number of deeply concerning beliefs regarding gender, sexuality, and the involvement of children in the LGBT movement. The ASU professor has stated that it is a “myth” to say that sexual drag shows are harmful to children. He has also described drag queens as the “leaders” of the LGBT community.

On his now-private Instagram account, Boyles has a long history of posting overtly sexual content, much of which is geared towards children. He has published posts that include gay erotica art, the promotion of gender transition for minors, the promotion of drag shows for children, and condemnations of Christianity.

In addition, Boyles has written an explicit "creative writing" series that was featured on his Substack, which has now been deleted. The series has the same protagonist as his novel, "Life is a Banquet." From the Amazon description of the book:

The classic queer story of Auntie Mame gets a Gen Z update in this bubbly tale of coming-of-age and finding chosen family. 17-year-old Isaac is feeling suffocated by his conservative Arizona suburb and his parents’ megachurch Christianity. But then he gets tutored by brilliant, free-spirited, and unapologetically queer college student Rachel, who helps Isaac come to terms with his own identity and introduces him to the sparkling and magical community that orbits around her and her ramshackle off-campus house. With the help of Rachel and her chosen family -- including her childhood best friend Johnny and sorority girl-turned-aspiring drag queen Vera -- Isaac will get an education unlike any other.


From reading just the sample available on the Amazon page, it's clear that Boyles has deep animosity toward the Christian communities in the Phoenix area and believes children raised in these families are brainwashed and repressed, and need drugs and sex to open their eyes. Between what's on his social media pages, questioning him publicly about his beliefs - and giving him a chance to make his case - is fair.

But ASU President Michael Crow isn't a big fan of free speech or open debate of ideas. Ann Atkinson was fired by Crow earlier this year after hosting a "Health, Wealth & Happiness" event with Charlie Kirk and Dennis Prager on campus, which led to an investigation by state legislators for free speech violations. Since legislators control the purse strings at ASU, Crow isn't a big fan of TPUSA either. After that event, some students who attended reported that they were accused by faculty of being "white supremacists." 

Silence from Crow.


Pro-Hamas agitators were on campus last week denigrating Jewish students, and ASU President Michael Crow was again silent. But, as Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk pointed out, Crow worked over the weekend to send an official email smearing TPUSA and ignoring the fact that his own employee was the aggressor.

Kirk issued a statement on Twitter/X, including the security footage that backs up what TPUSA cameras caught.

ASU President Michael Crow was silent last week as pro-Hamas "protestors" denigrated Jewish students on campus, but he worked over the weekend and sent an official email smearing TPUSA after "queer" ASU professor David Boyles attacked our cameraman.Here's the video evidence, clear as day. Professor Boyles attacked our crew first, and our reporter, Kalen D’Almeida, pushed him off to protect his cameraman. Violence is never okay and just because Professor Boyles happens to be gay (or whatever) doesn't give him the right to attack people because he doesn't like the questions they're asking.Our reporter used his constitutionally-protected speech to ask a taxpayer-funded employee some simple questions: Why is he the Phoenix sponsor of Drag Queen Story Hour? Why is he exposing minors to fetishists who dress up as women around little kids? Why is Boyles publishing books about minors having sex with adults? Why does he market his books in the "coming of age" section of Amazon? Why is he obsessed with underground queer sex ed?President Crow is lying to his university, despite clear evidence contradicting his every word. Facing a $400 million budget shortfall and a AZ state investigation into violations of free speech, President Crow is picking a strange hill to die on.


Turning Point USA spokesperson Andrew Kolvet told RedState:

"What’s astounding is for President Crow to so brazenly misrepresent what’s crystal clear in the video. Professor Boyles is the one who turned this interaction violent. He lunged and hit our camera man. Our reporter moved to protect his crew member who was getting attacked. They then asked him if he was okay, and if he needed any assistance before leaving. Mr. Boyles and President Crow are shamefully attempting to use Mr. Boyles’s sexual orientation to play victim and skip over the fact that he was the one who attacked our crew. Self defense is not hate.

"President Crow should be ashamed of lying to the ASU community in an official university email when a simple review of the video contradicts his every word."

Exactly. Self-defense is not hate, and police should be investigating Boyles, not TPUSA's reporter.


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