As Hamas Threatens to Kill Hostages on Camera, Joe Biden Calls a Lid

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

The White House called a press lid at 11:46 AM Monday, indicating that we will not see or hear from President Biden for the rest of the day. This announcement came just after the State Department announced that they've confirmed the deaths of nine U.S. citizens in the attacks on Israel.


Since the lid was called, Hamas announced that they will execute one hostage, on camera, for every air strike that hits "innocent civilians" in Gaza.

Dozens of U.S. citizens are reportedly being held hostage by Hamas, and there are dozens more missing/unaccounted for. 

And the American people haven't heard from Joe Biden since Saturday afternoon, and won't hear from him until Tuesday... maybe.

Although many of us have low confidence in Biden's ability to reassure the country that we're not heading into a global conflict, he's still POTUS, and at a minimum he should be expressing condolences to the families of those Americans killed, assuring them that the nation grieves with them, and telling Hamas in no uncertain terms that they better not lay a hand on a single hair on an American citizen's head. Biden should be vowing to find out to what extent Iran was involved and to hold them accountable - perhaps by re-freezing the $6 billion that his administration claims is still sitting in a bank in Qatar.

Instead, we hear nothing, and people around the world see that the United States is leaderless.

The mainstream media will continue carrying Biden's water, though, and act as if he's working furiously behind the scenes, while at the same time hand-wringing and implying that by having an Acting Speaker of the House instead of an elected Speaker is somehow a national security issue. How would having an elected Speaker help when POTUS is MIA?


What is Biden doing today? According to a statement released by the White House:

"President Biden met this morning with Secretary of State Tony Blinken, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Principal Deputy National Security Advisor Jon Finer, Homeland Security Advisor Liz Sherwood-Randall, and White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients this morning for updates. He directed his team to follow up on coordination with Israel on all aspects of the crisis and to continue their work with regional partners to warn anyone who might seek to take advantage in this situation. This afternoon, President Biden will be speaking with several of our close allies about the latest developments in Israel and we will have more to share soon."

Coordination with Israel on all aspects of the crisis? Benjamin Netanyahu doesn't want Biden's help; he wants Biden to get the hell out of the way while he handles Israel's business. The only thing the Biden administration wants to do to "coordinate" with Israel is negotiations with terrorists, and Netanyahu already told Biden to pound sand.



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