Joe Biden's Perfect Record of Failure Makes Him Unqualified for a Second Term

Though we were leery that this day would ever come, the man occupying the White House has now officially announced his re-election bid. Given the calendar and the lurking presence of California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and knowing that Joe Biden’s helped legally by having status as a candidate, it’s not surprising that his handlers went ahead and pulled the trigger despite terrible poll results and obvious cognitive deficits.


Deficits so obvious that his team didn’t even bother having a big live announcement event, opting to use a video. (I wonder how many takes were needed to create it?)

It’s stunning that Biden thinks he even deserves a shot at a second term given his perfect record of failure. Most people who are failing at their jobs at least have a few minor successes they can point to, but I cannot think of a single instance of a minor success the Biden administration can claim as its own.

If the only news available to the American public was the news provided by the legacy media, though, you’d never know this. The legacy media is just now starting to report about the corruption in the Biden administration and with Joe and Hunter Biden’s business dealings, but their stories are still hopelessly skewed – and the only reason they’re reporting anything at all is because y’all have been relentless in loudly demanding accountability and because conservative journalists at sites like RedState have worked diligently to document and expose the failures and corruption.

And as far as the administration’s perfect record of failures, well, they’re just a figment of your imagination, according to the legacy media. No baby formula or tampons or cream cheese or cat food on the shelves, you say? To the extent the legacy media covered supply chain shortages at all, they blamed it on Donald Trump.


To say that Americans can’t afford to keep Joe Biden and his cronies in the White House for another four years is an understatement. In addition to the runaway inflation that characterizes the Biden economy, Americans are dealing with the chaos of emboldened dictators causing drama on the world stage, a flood of illegal immigrants surging across our northern and southern borders.

And then there’s the corruption.

At RedState, we’ve been on top of exposing the Biden Crime Family’s misdeeds and the blatant corruption of the administration’s top officials – and we’ve been able to do that thanks to our VIP members. It’s not a secret that RedState has been targeted by Big Tech and our stories throttled. We’ve been targeted by the allegedly “unbiased” Newsguard for years, even before many people knew about Newsguard’s role in limiting the reach of publications that told the truth about COVID or the Bidens. Without the support of our VIP members, we wouldn’t have been able to survive, and as Managing Editor, I am deeply grateful for that support.

We’re absolutely not going to stop exposing and reporting on Biden’s failures and corruption now, even though telling the truth about what’s happening in this country is a dangerous thing these days. As Biden said in his announcement video, he wants to “finish the job” – the job of completely ruining our country, and we need to do everything we can to ensure that he doesn’t get re-elected. As we continue our work of bringing truthful reporting to the American people, your support as a RedState VIP member is vital. In addition to exclusive VIP content and an ad-free experience you’ll receive as a VIP member, your support ensures that we’re able to continue holding people accountable through the investigative journalism we’re known for. And because this effort is so crucial, we’re offering 50% off VIP memberships when you use code STOPJOE24. Together, we can stop Joe Biden before he finishes his job.



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