Giving Thanks for RedState VIP Members

What were you doing three years ago today? It seems like a lifetime ago, doesn’t it? Here at RedState, we were launching RedState VIP, and as Managing Editor, I want to personally thank all of our VIP members for your support of our mission, this site, and all of our contributors. Many of our VIP members have been here since day one, and we’ve gotten to know many of you through the comments section and in the chat room on our VIP Gold live chats. You’ve become family, and we are all tremendously grateful for you.


Without your direct support as a VIP member, we would not have survived the COVID economic crash or Biden’s Big Tech censorship, which is only just now showing some signs of abating.

Because of our VIP members, here are some of the topics we’ve been able to report on:

  • Covid’s origins in Wuhan
  • BLM and its 2020 “summer of love”
  • Branch Covidian policies and the destruction of freedom from vaccine mandates
  • The 2020 election and its “fortification”
  • Biden’s war on energy
  • The harm school closures caused to America’s children
  • The truth about the kangaroo committee on January 6
  • Parents being labeled “domestic terrorists” for simply wanting to be involved in their child’s education
  • The unprecedented FBI raid on Trump
  • Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan

At RedState, we’ve been at the forefront of covering Joe and Hunter Biden’s connections to China and the contents of Hunter’s laptop, the origins of COVID-19 in Wuhan (and the involvement of people like Anthony Fauci and Peter Daszak in its development and cover-up), and broke the story of the defection of China’s counterintelligence chief, Dong Jingwei.


Our original and exclusive stories have been able to move the needle, too. Until RedState uncovered a massive conflict-of-interest problem between LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer and the CDC in the summer of 2022, Ferrer was set to reimplement mask mandates county-wide. The aftermath of that story led Ferrer to back down.

And we’re not stopping. If anything, we’re just getting started.

During this midterm election, we have local contributors on the ground in two key battleground states (Cameron Arcand in Arizona and Brittany Sheehan in Nevada), and through Dennis Santiago and Jennifer O’Connell, have published more than a dozen profiles of state and local candidates. On Election Night, our contributors across the country will be bringing you the latest news and analysis on a special RedState Live chat right here on our front page.

We will also be watching elections across the country closely to ensure the integrity of our elections and report the truth. No matter what, we will keep reporting the truth and holding the Biden administration accountable.

Soon the country’s attention will shift to the 2024 presidential race, and we will bring you unrivaled coverage from across the country – not just from Washington, DC.


You can continue to count on us to fight against the true threats to democracy – the Biden administration’s radical agenda, Big Tech censorship, and the attempts to indoctrinate and mutilate our children.

We’ll be celebrating RedState VIP‘s third birthday all week with special events like our Election Night coverage and by banishing the wall on some of our VIP content. And, if you’re not already a VIP member, you can join this week using promo code VIPWEEK for 45 percent off.


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