Bernie Sanders Blames Gavin Newsom Recall on "Extremist" Republicans, Californians Set Him Straight

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How concerned is California Governor Gavin Newsom that the current recall effort will qualify for the ballot? So concerned that he brought in the man who trounced all opponents in the state’s Democrat Presidential Primary in 2020 to denounce the recall as an “extremist Republican” effort to undermine democracy – never mind that the “extremist” label was tried two months ago and failed to make a dent in the recall’s support.


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) tweeted his denunciation Monday morning – after news that recall proponents have gathered nearly 2 million signatures on the recall petitions broke, claiming that those terrible extremists want to recall Newsom “for the crime of telling people to wear masks and for listening to scientists during COVID,” adding that “We must all unite to oppose the recall.”

Come on, Bernie. We’re all so sick of these sweeping generalizations. If you’d paid attention for more than half a second, you’d know that Gavin Newsom has ignored scientists “during COVID” and that Californians have a (French?) laundry list of grievances with His HairGelness.

And, what does Sanders mean about needing to unite? Who needs to unite? According to the California Secretary of State’s records, 46 percent of the state’s voters are registered Democrat, 24 percent are registered Republican, and 24 percent are No Party Preference. So if it were just a Republican effort, it wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of success. Could it be that it’s not just Republicans supporting the recall?


Yep! As California Globe’s Katy Grimes tweeted in reply to Sanders, in a survey of 20,000 recall signers, 31.5 percent of them identified as “other” than Republican.

Lots of Californians took umbrage at Sanders’ description of the reason for the recall.

Lisa Rothstein, a California-based writer who’s become an anti-AB5, anti-PROAct, pro right-to-work activist over the last year, pointed out additional reasons.

And let’s not forget the California EDD debacle, which Newsom and the Legislature haven’t even really addressed at all.


And hey, doesn’t Bernie want those kiddos being indoctrinated all day long in school? Well, it’s not happening in California these days.

Plus, a recall election is a prime example of direct democracy, of the workers making their voices heard. Why would Bernie be against that?

Let’s not forget the tens of thousands of small businesses destroyed for no reason.


In other words, Bernie, stay in your lane. Please and thank you.


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