With 1,950,000 Signatures Collected, Californians Will Be Able to Say "Hasta La Vista, Baby" to Gavin Newsom

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Recall Gavin 2020 Lead Advisor Randy Economy compared the qualification for the Recall of Gavin Newsom as akin to giving birth. He is not off the mark. The Recall of Governor Newsom gives opportunity for California to be reborn, and to re-imagine governance without his dictatorial hand. The organizers and volunteer petition collectors made this clear with a mostly grassroots effort of signature collection.


Main Lead Mike Netter said,

“We Californians at the people level are paying attention. We ask that the other politicians with us pay attention too. Because this Recall should be a wake-up call for all politicians that the people of California will take action themselves to Recall a politician if they are not doing their job. And we started with the Governor of California.”

Yesterday was the final day for petition signing, and the Recall Gavin 2020 Leads Randy Economy, Orrin Heatlie, and Mike Netter announced that 1,950,000 signatures had already been collected. This is cause for a celebration!

After the Leads conducted what Economy called the “Mother of all press conferences” yesterday morning, a rally was held at the California State Capitol with Recall supporters across the state in attendance. Speakers included former Congressional candidates Joe Collins, Chris Bish, and Buzz Patterson, along with Pineapple Hill Saloon and Grille restaurant owner Angela Marsden. Marsden’s tearful video about the shutdown of her outdoor dining while an entertainment production set was allowed to set up a craft services tent just next door to her outdoor setup went viral, and created an energized motivation for more petition signatures.

California Globe was there for the action:

“Sunday that they have successfully collected 1,950,000 million signatures, with 1.6 million of those signatures collected entirely by volunteers. “Every county in California without exception has participated in the process to exercise our Constitutional right to recall this governor,” said Randy Economy Senior Advisor for RecallGavin2020.

“The campaign needs 1.4 million valid signatures to qualify the recall campaign for the California ballot.

“The Globe attended a Sunday RecallGavin2020 Campaign event to announce the successful collection of the needed signatures, as well as the additional signatures nearing 2 million.  “It feels like we are having a child today,” said Randy Economy.”


Economy also emphasized that the Recall of Newsom is not a partisan effort, but a “California effort”, despite the cries and protestations from the Democrat Supermajority Legislature that feeds off Newsom’s excesses. A planned press conference that was supposed to be held today by the Legislative Black Caucus to defend Newsom’s policies and record was suddenly canceled.

Guess they are going to have to do some work to recraft their arguments. Last I checked, South Los Angeles and Oakland were a part of California too, and those counties received a number of Recall signatures just like the other 56 counties.

Lead Mike Netter talked about the format of the petitions that can be printed by individuals on 8 1/2 by 11 sheets of paper was inspired to encourage constituents to take ownership of this drive.

“The whole idea is to empower people with democracy,” he said. “What a novel idea?”


It worked. And California is also inspiring the nation—for the good.

Some California constituents are dismissing the efforts, or in fear of Democrat dirty tricks.

This is not lost on Recall supporter, former DNI and Ambassador to Germany, and possible gubernatorial candidate Ric Grenell.

This is also not lost on the Recall leads. Economy had this to say:

“We gotta keep an eye on them. We’re watching them with hundreds of thousands of eyes; we the people will hold them accountable.”

Others are asking what if Newsom just inserts himself on the ballot? According to the Leads, the Gray Davis Recall election in 2003 will set the precedent:

  • The first question will ask whether Governor Gavin Newsom should be recalled from office? That is a YES or NO response.
  • The second question will ask who should succeed Governor Gavin Newsom if he is recalled? Then it will list the names of the individuals who have put their hat in the ring for governor.

Newsom’s name will not be a part of this list. So if the majority answer to the first question is “YES”, whoever gets a majority vote on the second question will be California’s next governor.

National Democrats are doing their master Nancy Pelosi’s bidding, and defending Newsom. Democrat Socialist Bernie Sanders, who is supposed to be “for the people” is now coming to his defense.

Even Bernie Bros. are having none of it.


The full press conference from the Recall Gavin 2020 Leads is a little over 30 minutes and contains key information on how they did it, and the work to be done to finally eject this Governor from California.



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