San Francisco Poised to Designate Additional "Sanctioned Tent Encampments" For Homeless

Never think that the people running San Francisco have run out of stupid ideas.

Even though students aren’t back on campus in any meaningful fashion, due to Wuhan coronavirus fears, the ever-wise elected officials are getting ready to expand their list of “sanctioned” tent encampment areas to include more than 20 schools and multiple parks and recreation sites – including a parking lot at an oceanfront park.


Homelessness is surging, the San Francisco Supervisors say, so they need to do something. What, did the addicts ruin all the hotels you turned over to them at the beginning of the pandemic? Have you thought about a big reason WHY homelessness is surging (pandemic exacerbates mental health problems) and, I dunno, maybe address that with the Governor?

But, I digress.

So, let’s get this straight. They’re scared to send students back to school because there’s a slim chance one of them might catch the ‘rona or that they’ll be an asymptomatic carrier and kill grandma, but are totally okay putting an encampment filled with drug addicts and people with untreated serious mental illness, who practice zero personal hygiene and might be spreading serious infectious diseases, right there on the playground?

As San Francisco resident Erica Sandberg, who advocates for sane solutions to the homelessness problem in the city, says, the answer to that is, “No. Absolutely no,” followed by, “I will fight this with every fiber of my being….know this: you will not win.”


(We’ve covered some of Sandberg’s efforts on these pages before; this video of her walk-along through the Tenderloin, a high-homeless, high-crime area, is terrifying.)

Rafael Mandelman, whom Sandberg refers to, is a San Francisco Supervisor who introduced the legislation “requiring a Safe Sleeping Site placement for every unsheltered person in SF.”

Once Sandberg saw that headline Tuesday she did some investigation and found a list of the exact schools that are being proposed as sanctioned tent encampment sites for the homeless.

And, the parks and rec sites.

Supervisor Mandelman, if your’e so concerned with each and every unsheltered person having a Safe Sleeping Space, why don’t you open up your yard or your home? What happens when a schizophrenic homeless person who’s having drug withdrawals thinks that a mom and toddler out on a walk are really zombies trying to kill him? Are you going to check to see if any of the “unsheltered” people setting up a tent at an elementary school are registered sex offenders? Do you understand that you’re incentivizing pedophiles to go “live” there by placing bait right in front of them? At best, those pedophiles will masturbate in their tents while watching the little kids play; at worst, a child will be kidnapped, raped, or murdered.


This is insanity.

You’re also incentivizing laziness; this respondent hit the nail on the head and it applies to all of California, not just San Francisco.

I was having this conversation with a friend last night after discussing how Newsom’s theme park guidelines will effectively kill the theme park industry in the state and devastate the Orange County economy. We concluded that since there are essentially two sets of laws and rules in the state – one for hard-working people who attempt to contribute to society, and another for the rest – what’s keeping people from just getting an old RV or customized van, getting food stamps, and just “camping” up and down the length of the state? If that RV is their “home” and not just something a normal family uses for recreation, they won’t get ticketed or towed, so they essentially get free camping spots. Normal Californians are so frustrated by their inability to enjoy basic freedom of association and the right to work that this lifestyle is becoming more and more tempting. And maybe that’s the point.



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