CA Dem Rep. T.J. Cox's Campaign Mgr Admits Faking Tweet From Opponent, Gives Typical Dem Excuse

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File


Democrats are all about calling legitimate social media postings from Republicans “fake” or “doctored” and getting them booted from Twitter, but of course, the rules are different when it comes to their actual doctored social media postings.

Case in point: Amanda Sands, 26-year-old campaign manager for first-term Rep. T.J. Cox (D-CA Blue Wave). Cox is locked in a heated re-election battle against the man who previously held the seat, David Valadao. Cox won that election by just 862 votes and, like many Blue Wave congressional pickups in California, wasn’t ahead on election night but made up that difference as harvested ballots were counted.

Sands sent out a tweet Monday purporting to show that Valadao had retweeted President Trump’s “California is going to hell. Vote Trump!” tweet.

There was only one problem. Valadao didn’t retweet it. Sands’ “screencap” was a photoshop in which she impersonated a candidate AND doctored an image, both of which would get a Republican kicked off the platform in a heartbeat.

Sands was called out by Torunn Sinclair, an NRCC communications staffer. Sands didn’t pay enough attention to detail, and left off Valadao’s middle initial in her fake tweet.

(As of this writing, the original tweet is still up despite being reported by probably hundreds of people.)

To which Sands quickly replied:

Real mature. But what do you expect from a self-described “Campaign Barbie”?

Knowing she was caught, Sands admitted to fabricating the tweet but excused it away in typical Democrat fashion.

She wrote:

Sure my photoshop skills leave something to be desired but that doesn’t change the fact that your guy @dgvaladao voted w trump 99% while in congress, 21x to block the DREAM act & to strip 60k valley residents of healthcare — & clearly doesn’t share the priorities of CV [Central Valley] families

Well, then. It’s a step up from the “He might not have actually retweeted it, but obviously he feels that way” kind of excuse, but it’s still terribly weak and against the terms of service for Twitter. Actual fake news is being peddled not just by foreign infiltrators, but by Democrat campaign managers – and Twitter says, “Meh.”