City of Seattle Holds Segregated Racial Sensitivity Training Session; Here Are the Disturbing Handouts

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On June 12, as six square blocks of Seattle’s Capitol Hill area were occupied by anarchist thugs, the City was busy holding an important employee training session on “Internalized Racial Superiority,” at which they expected “to learn, reflect, challenge [them]selves, build skills and relationships” to help them become allies in combating racism, and at which they would “examine” their “complicity in the system of white supremacy” and find out how to become “accountable to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.”


This training session was only for White employees, or for employees who identify as white. In other words, it was racially segregated.

Christopher F. Rufo, who writes for City Journal and is director of Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth and Poverty, filed a public records request regarding the training session and materials given to employees and posted them on Twitter Tuesday. Every bit of it is disturbing, leads to a massive waste of time and energy, and places a massive burdens and expectations on employees of only one race – which is kind of discriminatory, no?

The tone was set in the emailed invitation:

And it just goes downhill from there. I don’t even know what to make of the “Internalized Racial Oppression” handout. It’s meaningless.


Rufo’s next tweet somewhat explains the chart:

Sometimes both sides of the coin are “oppression.” Are white employees speaking too much? That’s probably the internalized racial superiority of “imposition” or “paternalism.” Are white employees speaking too little? That’s oppression, too, because “silence” is “violence.”

In other words, everything is oppression, depending upon who’s doing the judging. And if you’re not woke, you’re no doing the judging.

Now it’s time to do the work. Oh, boy.

Attendees were provided with some handy-dandy self-talk exercises so they can stay in the Approved Mindset throughout the day:

Screenshot, Twitter: @realchrisrufo

You must practice self-talk that affirms your complicity in racism; even though it’s not your fault, you’re responsible.

Screenshot, Twitter: @realchrisrufo


Attendees are expected to undo their own whiteness and to cultivate networks of people to whom they can talk through their struggles in doing so – presumably while using every single new age buzzword ever heard, to give that struggle credibility.

Should you wonder how you harm your BIPOC colleagues on a daily basis, they’ve got a flow chart for you:

You’ll also be told if you’re “really white,” just based on your country of descent. I wonder if they have guidance for people who simply identify as white?

The end goal is for employees to “interrupt their whiteness.” How will they know when they’ve reached that peak of Nirvana?


–When you “implicate yourself” in racism.
–When “other white people may be angry.”
–When you have stopped your “white normative behavior.”

Insanity. Taxpayer dollars were spent racially segregating employees and setting up codified discriminatory attitudes toward employees of one race – while the city was literally descending into racially-motivated anarchy. There’s one mindset causing division and killing people in this country, and it’s the mindset of the woke.


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