CA "Gig Economy" Bill Author Gets Dragged on Twitter, Promptly LOSES It

Uploaded 12/20/2019 by JVL, pic from Asm. Lorena Gonzalez' Twitter account

Earlier this week Vox Media announced it was canceling the contracts of hundreds of freelancers who live in California as a result of the state’s new “gig economy” law, AB-5, which essentially prohibits independent contracting in the state (except for massive carve-outs for specified industries, partial nonsensical carve-outs for others), forcing companies to instead only use the labor of employees, whether full- or part-time. So much easier to tax, tax, tax people that way, and create new potential union members, don’t ya know?


Freelance writers, limited to just 35 pieces per “putative employer,” are taking the brunt of this law, and quickly directed their online ire at Asm. Lorena Gonzalez (D-Union $$) of San Diego, the bill’s author.

Gonzalez replied in a tone-deaf way:

First, it doesn’t “clearly state” that the jobs are being converted to full-time and part-time positions. As Rebecca Lawson replied:

“They’re creating like 15 full-time jobs for HUNDREDS of us who were let go just because California. That’s good how?”

For days, Lorena’s been dragged on Twitter (justifiably) by all portions of the political spectrum.

Then, in a reply to one Twitterer, she lost it.


And the floodgates opened.

She says she’s “not going to repeal it,” which is rich since she can’t repeal it now that it’s already been signed by Gov. Hair Gel and goes into effect in 12 days.

Then she doubled down:



Why do you need a free tour, Lorena?? Shouldn’t your millionaire POTUS candidate, Elizabeth Warren, hook you up?

Or perhaps you should check the time sheets of your staffers to make sure you’re fairly paying them for those “countless hours” they’ve spent “helping constituents” this year.


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